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Public Mass Has Returned!
Please Read Carefully

As we open for Weekend Public Mass, we know that there are many of you would like to attend Mass. Father Phuong, the Parish Staff and trained volunteers will help to make these temporary new norms easy to navigate.

Depending on the number of reservations and in fairness to all our parishioners, you may have a reservation rescheduled to another day. We are limited to accepting 50 people at Prince of Peace and 90 people at St. Gabriel for Weekend Mass and 20 people for both Parish's Daily Mass. It is important that you make your reservation, each person who is attending Mass needs to make a separate reservation.

You can catch on Facebook or the parish websites for Weekend Mass, Saturdays at 4:30 PM.

Click Here to watch!

If you have questions, please call the Parish Office at 360-876-2762.


This is the current Mass Schedule for Prince of Peace & St. Gabriel

Saturday: 4:30 PM (live stream)
Saturday: 4:30 PM at Prince of Peace
Saturday: 6:30 PM at St. Gabriel

Sunday: 8:00 AM at St. Gabriel
Sunday: 9:30 AM at Prince of Peace
Sunday: 11:00 AM at St. Gabriel
Sunday: 11:30 AM at Prince of Peace (Spanish) Starting in Jan. 2021
Sunday: 01:00 PM at Prince of Peace (Spanish) Starting in Jan. 2021

How is your health? You will need to answer the flowing health questions, these questions are designed to keep you and your community safe during this pandemic. If you find yourself answering Yes to the questions, for your sake and the community’s sake it would be best to wait a week or to when your health has improved. Click Here-> Health Screening Questionnaire